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 5 D's to Destiny


  • Jesus Christ, His love, mercy and grace.

  • The local church as a community of relationships and fellowship that cares about you and your future.

  • That God has a plan and a purpose for your destiny.

  • Commitment to partnership: I will commit to a relationship with Jesus Christ and the local church.

Our goal is to:

1. Minister to your needs

2. Help you build relationships

3. Include you in groups


  • Into a mature Christian through discipleship.

  • Strong Christian character and integrity through discipleship.

  • Commitment to maturity: I will commit to lifelong spiritual growth and development.

Our goal is to:

1. Explain the principles of God

2. Involve you in discipleship programs

3. Teach you spiritual disciplines


  • Your life by replacing default living with life by design.

  • Your life by discovering your God given gifts/talents, assignments and your destiny.

  • Your life around your destiny and be shaped into the leader that will bring change and transformation to your sphere of influence.

  • Commitment to ministry: I will commit to discovering and developing my unique gifts, skills and calling.

Our goal is to:

1. Establish mentoring relationships

2. Model Biblical lifestyles

3. Help you identify your ministry gifts


  • To others that you are a doer of the Word not just a hearer.

  • Service and leadership in your areas of destiny and calling.

  • Commitment to mission: I will commit to investing myself in the mission of Jesus Christ and the local                   

Our goal is to:

      1. Provide leadership training

      2. Establish ministry apprenticeship

      3. Model Servant Character


  • You as an activated and commissioned leader and place you into your Destiny.

  • You to make a difference and change the spiritual climate in your area of influence.

  • You to take back your mountains: Family, Religion, Business, Media, Government, Arts & Entertainment and Education

  • Commitment to the Kingdom: I will commit myself to be a leader, a leader of leaders, a coach, and a mountain mover.

Our goal is to:

1. Provide cross-cultural experiences

2. Provide leadership experiences

3. Provide opportunities to disciple


Reaching Your Destiny!

Modeling Kingdom Character

Providing Continual Leadership Training

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